A Travel Guide For Tourists Visiting Broome

Broome is a coastal town situated in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It is a tourist town which is known for beautiful coastline beach resorts. The town is famous for its bygone pearling industry, making it one of the most popular tourist locations in Australia. The town met its decline when pearl buttons were replaced with plastic ones, halting its progress. However, the kitsch houses, old timber frame buildings and old-world charm that is in the very air has made it the perfect Australian getaway. You can learn more about the various places to visit in Broome through the Internet, use http://www.broometimeaccommodation.com.au/ to book your accommodations in Broome. You can learn about the significance and beauty of Broome on travel sites like www.travelpulse.com. Here are some spots you can’t miss out on your visit to Broome.

Popular Tourist Town
Broome is a popular tourist town in Australia. The town is famous for beaches that are surrounded. Don’t miss out on the pearl diving program. There, you will have the chance to witness the opening of beautiful pearl oysters and taste mollusk meat. Pearl farms are also a great activity spot to visit. Take a tour of the magnificent coral reefs under the sea or bask in the beaches and turquoise water. Watching the sun rise and set over the Indian Ocean is a splendid experience for tourists visiting Broome.

Treat Your Taste Buds
The city of Broome is multicultural, and thus you will get the chance to taste cuisines from various cultures. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a drink in popular cafes like Kool Spot Café, Green Mango Café, etc. You can dine out for lunch at Matso’s. This hotel is famous for its signature beverage, alcoholic ginger beer. You can enjoy grill food at the Cable Beach Resort Sunset Bar and enjoy breathtaking sunset views at the Mangrove Hotel. At Broome, you will also get a chance to taste some of the rarest melt-in-your-mouth seafood recipes in the world; you can’t leave Broome without eating mouth-wateringly fresh oysters.

Feast Your Eyes
For a really iconic Broome experience, watch a movie at Sun Pictures, an outdoor cinema theatre. Kids will love to visit Gantheaume Point where you can follow the footprints of dinosaurs to a lookout point to watch the sunset. There are also seasonal camel rides, and buggy rides available on the beach during certain times of the year. Since the waters are on the calmer side, body boarding is a favorite activity among the locals.

At the end of the day, you can relax in the Cable Beach Resort. This club resort is the perfect place for tourists, including 234 rooms and with spa and dining facilities. The Moonlight Bay suites give you access to witness sunset and sunrise on the Indian Ocean from your balcony. Cable Beach is well-connected with the main road, and you can reach it easily with public transport as well as rental cars. There are plenty of other resorts along the beach as well; just make sure to book your rooms well ahead of peak season.