Doubt of boat of one high speed bumps into Japan guide the lamp to send 14 people to hurt 1 life lot dying

In report will occupy new network on July 27 day intermediary report, this month 26 days of evening, join Japan closes on the west the doubt when the high speed boat of the airport and Kobe airport sails is like what bump offing to go up carelessly to conduct the light, cause 1模板规格尺寸GF4 people of passenger to get hurt, among them danger of one human life, one person is weighed.

According to the report, pace investigation shows Kobe at the beginning of ministry of maritime security personnel, be apart from offing of Kobe airport east to arrange 600 meters of合格的建筑模板 place, have maritime guiding lamp attaint, doubt is like be bu 建筑模板mped by新型建筑模板实用吗DF high speed boat. Because high speed boat did not notice the guiding on offing the lamp, m求购工程复模板多少钱一块LKinistry of Japanese maritime secu西安钢广西建筑模板公司模板加工厂家rity personnel is harming a blame to disrelish probe accident course with business error.

Shan Benpeng of ship company president is wide say, “Produce such accident to be very sorry really, the hope gets hurt the passenger recovers at an建筑模板施工安装价格 early date. When future is investigating accident matter, also can hold in the arms because answer,maintain good faith ” .

It is reported, this accident happens in 26 day新型剪力墙模板支撑s of ev杞鸿木业有限公司ening, fireman points out, the accident causes 14 people to get hurt, among them a life of 80 years old of women endangers a serious injury of 50 y 建筑模板ears old of females. Although return a bank fr 建筑模板om travel,high speed boat is in after the accident, but larb建筑模板oard ahead damages badly, there also is one part to drink water inside cabin.


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Opposition of Venezuela election commotion holds protest the activity is successive 3 many months

Original title: Fight of complex with each passing day the government and the public meets Venezuela political situation intense still

Xinhua News Agency adds Lajiasi Rong Liwen of sword of a surname of山东鲁信建筑材料有限公司 bright of Xu of reporter of electric Xinhua News Agency is clear on J建筑公司红头文件模板AVuly 29

Venezuela will hold the election of the congress that make statute of proposal of government of Ma Du collect 30 days, and opposition alliance does his utmost to object, undertake remonstrant an activity continuously inside a week before the election. Analytic personage thinks, government of Ma Du collect has fight control capacity, and look for a long time from w木模板生产厂家BYhich, struggle of Venezuela the government and the public will be intense still, those who be in the United States intervene below appoint domestic political situation will be complex with each passing day.

This year on May 1, venezuela president Maduluo announces to start the process that make statute, draft national constitution afresh, in order to maintain national peace, stimulative home speaks, resolve current politics crisis. Analytic personage thinks, government of Ma Du collect is driv高层模板FDen with all one’s strength make statute, it is to hope to recapture parliament of opposition alliance pilot with this, master legislative afresh, hold favorable position in fight of the government and the public thereby.

The near future, appoint opposition alliance holds the whole people below the circumstance of mechanism of election of complete steer clear of fair cast, according to opposition statistic, 700 much constituency attend and blackball holds election of the congress that make statute, 1/3 what take all constituency about. Opposition alliance asks for the basis with this government of Ma Du collect instantly break down makes constitution plenary meeting, hold the remonstrant activity such as strike of processional demonstrate, whole nation continuously at the same time, establish parallel gov[……]

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Observation of finance and economics: Euro region economy is accelerated anabiosis risk of be issued to lower levels is abate

Electric finance and economics will observe Brussels of Xinhua News Agency on August 1: Euro region economy is accelerated anabiosis risk of be issued to lower levels is abate

Tian Dongdong of dripping of bridge of Shuai Rong of缝纫模板 reporter of Xinhua News Agency

The  建筑模板data that bureau of European Union statistic releases 1 day shows, annulus of economy of region of euro of the 2nd quarter compares growth this year 0.6% , grow 2.1% compar建筑模板支撑AAed to the same period, add fast respectively prep above first quarter 0.5% with 1.9% . Analytic personage thinks, as European politics risk abate and Greek walk out of debt crisis gradually, euro region economy is accelerated anabiosis, risk of be issued to lower levels is abate, second half of the year grows impetus or will more driving.

Need to offer inside prop up

The main drive element that is growth of euro region economy requires inside. Price of the sources of energy is low wander and European Central Bank exceeds policy of low interest rate to be propped up to needing to form inside euro area.

Data of bureau of European Union statistic shows, this year in May, annulus comparing increases turnover of e北京建筑模板公司uro area commodity 0.4% , 0.1% of a month; Grow 2.6% compared to the same period, amplitude and a month keep balance. Occupy statistic of European Union committee additionally, index of confidence of euro area consumer will achieve 16 years in June new tall.

Consumptive growth is dropped by unemployment rate prop up. Current, situation of euro area obtain employment takes a favourable turn continuously, unemployment rate already fell to the level before European debt crisis. Data shows, this year in June, euro area 19 countries unemployment rate from May 9.2% fall to 9.1% , under 10.1% last year June, for since Feburary 2009 lowermost level.

From the point of member country, already announced data to show, france of the 2nd 建筑模板 建筑模板 quarter, Spain, Austria all achieves steady growth with Belgian economy waiting for a c[……]

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Kenya president election falls at least 11 people are in next heavy curtain the death in commotion

In report will occupy new network on August 13 outside intermediary report, kenya election commission was announced recently after cur建筑工地用的模板rently holding the post ofpresidential Kenyada to choose be reappointed consecutively successfully repeatedly, opposition r 建筑模板ejects to admit a result, begin from 11 days, i 建筑模板n this country western area and inside Luo Bi’s slums produced commotion, cause at least 11 people die, include 9 years old among them children.

According to the report, when Kenya election commission 11 days announce, gan Ye is amounted to beat adversary Ao Tingjia (after Raila Odinga) wins presidential general election to win, demonstrate erupts broadcast in each district of the Luo Bi inside opposition base camp and Jisumu. Demonstrate activity performs foray and insurrection in the late night, still upsurge to indignant 12 days in the morning mood, demonstrate masses and police erupt in much ground angle battle.

According to the statistic of Afp, sinc覆膜板e Kenya president general election, violent incident has caused death of at least 17 people. Kenya shares 48 million populati建筑工程模板价格ACon.

The report says, people causes 1 more than 1000 peop工程模板价格DFle to die to the violent incident that cauNMSS-建筑模板9.3ses after general election of the president 10 years ago, 600 thousand person 金盾木业有限公司is forced migratory tragic remain fresh in one’s memory, because this also 盛和木业有限公司worries about Kenya again defect is confused.

It is reported, opposition candidate Ao Tingjia wins this state the vote of 44% , defeated Kendaya. Although he ever was making public condemnation electron of the election to poll the follow亚欧木业有限公司ing day,have fraud action, but after election outcome is announced, he keeps silence all the time.

International observer is in however praise general election of this Kenya president to be able to undertake honestly on 建筑模板 the whole, the result correspondence t哪里有建筑模板出售hat the report that the Kenya that has more than 1000 8 observer watchs 中空建筑模板to t[……]

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Japan is applied press Korea ” justice is treated ” look forward to of day of experience labor record

River of chancellery of Japanese foreign affairs is wild too man adjudicates 建筑模板 with respect to Korea court Japanese industry compensation is applied to Kang Jinghe of official of Korea Foreign Minister by the Korea labor of impress 4 days pressure, urge Han Fang to treat look forward to of experience work day fairly.

The river is wild understood a telephone call that day with Kang Jinghe, discussion Korea applies for matters concerned of asset of sequestered day look forward to formerly by impress labor. The river is wild tell media the reporter, he asks in the phone Han Fang takes亨佳木业有限公司 proper step as soon as possible, avoid day of square enterprise to be mixed by inequity adverse treat.

We believe Han Fang can take a大岭山那有买模板WDppropriate action, wait and see what happens, the river is wild say, but we prepare to gi 建筑模板ve according to law of nations at the same time firm response.

4 Korean to during the Second World War t 建筑模板hey do impress the iron of Japanese new day of coolie stays in golden company claim for compensation, but latter did not pay compensation all the time. Represent their lawyer 2 days to say, had been by last yea廊坊清水建筑模板厂家电话r to Korea courtyard of one domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household applies for iron of distrain new day to live gold is in Han share capital.

Joint company reports if cite river is wild, day just holds this one event very serious, hope Han Fang is cogent treat.

Korea old court, namely the supreme court ruled on October 30, 2018, maintain an Er what the high court made a court decision in July 2013, maintain new day iron to live namely gold ever made solstice of afore-mentioned 4 Korean strong capture origin模板规格AKally coolie, ought to compensate for 100 million Han each to them yuan (add up to) of 88 thousan建筑工地模板AVd dollar about.

Japan came to applied in Korea peninsula colony dominates 1945 1910, large quantities of labor solstice do a lot of enterprise impress originally coolie. 3 water chestnut of Ja[……]

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Without forbidden zone! Message of key of great debate of whole nation of open of mark dragon open letter

Electric news analysed Paris of Xinhua News Agency on January 14: Mark dragon open letter accumulate 3 contained crucial message

Han Bing of reporter of Xinhua News Agency

Dragon of French president mark issues an open letter that sends French collectivity people 13 days late, pulled open will last the heavy curtain of the great debate of long French whole nation of two months. Ferment continuously in yellow waists-coat demonstrate, below the setting that mark dragon reform is inflicted heavy losses on, this one open letter accumulate 3 contained crucial message are worth to pay close attention to.

One of crucial message, offer the main topic for discussion of countrywide great debate. In December 2018, mark dragon is the person that江苏模板批发AJ suppress yellow waists-coat hold a demonstration people malcontent, offer to begin countrywide great debate, in order to build new national bond. In 13 days of issuance open letter, mark dragon is aimed at the care of current French, offer topic for discussion of all directions face: Transition of duty Wu and government spending, communal structural re建筑模板规格及尺寸organization, the sources of energy and citizen identity and democracy are built.

Below frame of 4 big topic for discussions, mark dragon raises 30 many more specific questions. For instance around duty Wu problem, put forward how to make our duty Wu more just mix effective? Do you think what duty should be first reduce? ; Around communal structural reorganization, the central question that how can you resolve those the most difficult 建筑模板 areas to be faced with better with local government to raise? System of active administrative division into districts whether too complex? Etc.

Mark dragon still emphasizes particularly, this countrywide controversy does not have forbidden zone, what topic for discussion can discuss, he hopes all peoples, do not divide the age建筑模板多少一块EK and social estate, in participating in a controversy, come.

Of crucial message, expressive style becom[……]

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[the tuber of elevated gastrodia can treat mammary gland hyperplasia] – of effect of _ action _

Each ladies ought to cause a care to problem of mammary gland hyperplasia, because mammary gland is proliferous, once the problem arises later, not only the breast that can allow a woman feels intense to ache, compare problem of serious mammary g唐山建筑模板公司land hyperplasia, possible also meeting causes breast cancer. Below the circumstance of hyperplasia of cure mammary gland, beyond the massage cure that divides traditional pattern, also be to have capable person of a lot of Chine新型 建筑模板生产厂家se herbal medicine, have certain practical effect in the light of hyperplasia of cure mammary gland. That Zuo the tuber of elevated gastrodia can is cure mammary gland proliferous? The tuber of elevated gastrodia can seductively dressed or made up cure mammary gland is proliferousThe tuber of elevated gastrodia has certain practical effect in the light of the cure of disease of mammary gland hyperplasia, advocate the remedial method that if use the tuber of elevated gastrodia to be begun in the light of navel eye position,sticks apply therapeutics, but mammary gland of cure of the tuber of elevated gastrodia is used whole,proliferous cure has too distinct practical effect not easily, say to want to use appropriate remedial method in the light of mammary gland hyperplasia so. The medicinal material in can applying c 建筑模板omes to the patient of mammary 山东省烨鲁木业有限公司gland hyperplasia cure, the cure that the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to be aimed at mammary gland hyperplasia is differentiate card talking is treated, right different phyletic patient applied different Chinese traditional medicine material. If be Yu of blood of empty of bravery diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain and its liver classics,enrage blood the mammary gland with hot wind of two empty chill is proliferous the patient gets a word, advocate if open Yu Jiji to come loose with clear irascibility,hematic disappear writtens guarantee dominant, can take the irascibility that feed Qing Dynasty to o[……]

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[pregnant woman drinks what soya-bean milk most nutrition] how does _ pregnancy _ choose –

The lady is pregnant period inside, must elevate the nutrition that feeds capable person class status, what be pregnant especially is earlier, still need periodic complement folic acid piece and vitaminic, and also should begin detailed probation to progesterone value, will ensure the health of body and mind of fetal darling grows then development, fabaceous paddle is the edible of composition of a kind of tall nutrition, suit pregnant woman to begin edible particularly, but have a lot of because of the type of fabaceous paddle, what beans paddle does that Zuo pregnant woman drink most is battalion nurturance divided? The first, what beans paddle does pregnant woman drink most is battalion nurturance divided? Walnut soya-bean milk. With material: Do soja 1/2 cup, walnut fle建筑模板模板价格BTsh 5 valve, cup of 1/5 of pink of black sesame seed. Make: It is good that will dry soja invades bubble beforehand. Good pink of walnut flesh, black sesame seed and bubble soja is cleaned, mix up 新型建筑模板is put into the cup, turn on the water to water level giving a platoon, receive switch power source, press ” food crops soya-bean milk ” key, ten minutes do well beneficial wisdom kind fabaceous paddle. Action: Paddle of beans of walnutmeat white sesame seed contains soja lecithin and choline, can reasonable the brain function that improves a person, beneficial of be good at head wisdom kind, increase memory. The 2nd, paddle of beans of medlar filling kidney. With material: Soja 60 grams, medlar 30 grams. Make: Invade soja bubble at hour of the 6-8 in warm boiled water, bubble comes aching and limp, medlar is naughty clean. Good bubble soja is cleaned, in taking put oneself in another’s position of cup of fabaceous paddle machine with medlar outfit, turn on the water come between catchment datum line, receive switch power source, press ” food crops soya-bean milk ” key, it is OK to wait for medlar beans paddle to had been made. Action: Qing Dynasty of kidney of unripe kidney of take a[……]

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[effect of accipitral mouth peach] – of benefit of _ advantage _

A kind honey peach is like accipitral mouth peach and peach, its flavour soft beauty, accipitral mouth peach has filling gas to raise hematic effect, honey peach is because this is of what age layer no matter,with what raise the person can eat. The quantity containing cop鲁班模板SEper that accipitral mouth peach plants is relatively tall, so if it is to suffer from the person of anaemia of the sex tha南宁建筑模板公司t be short of iron to be able to eat a few honey peach more personally. The whole body of honey peach is treasure comple建筑专用模板AAtely, peach kernel can be become medicine, peach flesh can eat. Of accipitral mouth peach take action and effect very big also, fiber of the disease of bronchitic to overflowing a gender, bronchiectasis that feeds moderately, lung is changed, lung not piece, the dry cough cough of a such as silicosis, tuberculosis, haemoptysis, free sex the disease such as calorific, night sweat, can have raise shade to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, the effect of the health care of preserve one’s health that lung of embellish of filling gas blood relieves a cough. 1, peach has nourishing animal spirit, raise the effect that shade promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, but in order to is great after the disease, gas blood two deficient, complexion is dark yellow, be discouraged is lack of power person;2, peach kernel has invigorate the circulation of blood to change Yu, accelerate digestive effect, but amenorrhoea of in order to, drop dozen wait for Zuo to aid cure;3, fluid of peach kernel extraction has combat cruor effect, can check cough nerve center and relieve a cough expectorant, can make blood pressure is reduced additionally, can aid cure; with the Zuo with hypertensive patient4, the volume containing copper of peach is high, the volume that contain potassium is high, contain sodium little, appropriate the person of anaemia of the sex that be short of iron is taken, additionally the patient of appropriate also oedem[……]

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[in April baby complementary feed cookbook encyclopedia] – of the method of _ darling _ that make

The meeting below the circumstance that a lot of children come to to 4 months slowly those who reduce milk raise, add on a few darling gradually then complementary feed, this key also is for the nutrient collocation of darling. The child 木模板生产厂家BYof 4 months is lying darling complementary feed add earlier stage, because this inchoate and general proposal is shirt-sleeve,age character of the child comes complementary feed add, milk cooperates darling each other complementary the adds pair of children person that feed experiences better part. The darling with that big in April Zuo complementary what to feed cookbook encyclopedia to have? 1. millet congeeActor chooses rice of paddy of high quality new Zuo 100 grams, clean clean reserve to use; Burn inside boiler burn, enter the paddy rice that cleans clean boiler, small fire turns after fire is burned, small fire cooks fire of the lard one’s speech with literary allusions after 10 minutes, paddy rice is stewed rot ropy OK; Flameout, carrying a ropy little rice water on the head is a bab临沂市双龙建筑模板厂y namely complementary rice of baby of the rice that feed paddy is burnt. 2. dish juiceTake high quality new Zuo on the west orchid 200 grams, clear clean reserve is used; Burn inside boiler burn, will clear  建筑模板clean in the pot that orchid sets boil on the west, very ho临沂金鹏木业建筑模板厂t boil 2 – get off after 3 minutes of Zuo ; Will very hot boil the following orchid is put on the west begin inside beater broken, enough and broken hind worry unnecessarily is dropped digest not easily absorb on the west orchid chemistry fiber, juice of the spinach mud that remain, dish but as the baby complementary feed. 3. pumpkin mudActor chooses wax gourd of high quality new Zuo 50 grams, the flay after clearing clean, hob piece; Will already the wax gourd buy of hob piece is put at frying pan inside, medium baking temperature is baked, thoroughly cook; The shape of pound of wax gourd extrusion that will thoroughly cook with spoon. In th[……]

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